We Deliver The Next Generation In Surveillance

Introducing ARVAS. A smart surveillance system powered by machine learning and big data analysis to protect cities and enterprises.

The future of smart surveillance

In cities and enterprises filled with cameras for surveillance, it is incredible how ineffective and inefficient current systems are in tackling new emergent security threats. We designed ARVAS to change that.

Huge amounts of videos wasted

Everyday, over 99% of surveillance videos being recorded are never watched by anyone due to the limitations of traditional surveillance systems. Besides the obvious security risk, this wealth of information also creates zero value as they are not translated into any actionable intelligence beneficial for cities and enterprises who deploy the network of cameras.

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Surfacing the unknown

Many of today’s systems use a rule-based approach where users specify what they are looking for. This method is
counter-intuitive because abnormal events are by nature highly unpredictable. Our technology utilizes the unique combination of machine learning and big data analysis to create a smarter surveillance solution.

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