NVIDIA supercharges ARVAS’ AI engine for Abnormality Detection

Enabling high-speed, real-time abnormal event detection

Watch as ARVAS leverages the power of NVIDIA GPU acceleration to detect abnormal events across hundreds of cameras in real-time.

The power of NVIDIA GPU acceleration

Real-Time Performance

NVIDIA GPUs massive processing power enables ARVAS to perform feature extraction from video streams across a large number of cameras in parallel and in real-time.

Higher Accuracy

NVIDIA GPUs are instrumental in running ARVAS’ deep learning models, providing real understanding of activity and events in video, enabling operators to manage large surveillance installations effectively.

Lower Overall Costs

ARVAS leverages GPU power to support large numbers of video streams in a single system, reducing HW costs compared to traditional video analytics systems.

NVIDIA Metropolis™

Vi Dimensions is an official partner with NVIDIA on the Metropolis Intelligent Video analytics platform.

NVIDIA Metropolis™ is bringing advanced AI to cities around the world and Vi Dimensions is proud to be selected for using its Abnormality Detection technology to support this initiative.

NVIDIA Metropolis is the foundation of the AI City—an edge-to-cloud platform that can turn video into valuable insights. Driven by powerful products like NVIDIA® Jetson™ and NVIDIA Tesla®, it delivers intelligent video analytics for a wide range of applications both at the edge and in the datacenter.

Get to know the companies that are a part of the Metropolis software ecosystem to find their latest products which help you solve some of the most challenging problems for AI cities using the power of AI and Deep Learning.

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