Introducing a new way to do surveillance.

We believe that ARVAS is the next generation in surveillance. The perfect solution for modern cities and enterprises.

The ARVAS way

A smarter, more powerful way to do surveillance, powered by machine learning and big data analysis.

Data Driven Machine Intelligence

Almost all conventional video analytics systems are rule based. Applying these methods of detection and analysis to identify abnormal events is counter-intuitive because they are by nature highly unpredictable.

ARVAS uses advance statistical modelling and deep machine learning to detect anomalies instead. This automated approach enables more accurate detection of complex risk pattern that would otherwise escape human analysts.

And since it is data driven, ARVAS becomes smarter and
stronger over time, providing more reliable security for cities and enterprises.

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Example of abnormal events:
Break-ins, robbery, rioting, floods, accidents, fights, arson, fire, maintenance and vandalism etc.

More security with less hassle

We make it easy to set up ARVAS on your existing surveillance system to enjoy its powerful features.

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Uses latest and advanced machine learning techniques.

Autonomous Real-Time Detection

No set up of any rules needed.

Unlimited Variation of Behaviours

Behaviours are no longer limited by fixed rules.

Highly Scalable

Scalable for thousands of camera.

Not Scene Dependent

Can be applied to any camera scene.

Event Clustering

System can cluster similar events together and allow user prioritization.

High Compatibility

Able to accept relatively low frame rates and resolutions, accommodating older legacy camera sources.

Alarm Management

Better manage alarms with user based feedback.

GPU Acceleration

Effectively serve a larger number of cameras per server.

Better alarm management with ARVAS

ARVAS’s machine learning and big data analysis allows fewer operators to monitor video feeds in a command and control centre.

1) Alarms Detected

2) Automatic Grouping

3) Customize, Filter & Prioritize Results

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